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TeamSafety Case Study : 30 Years Old Ducted Fume Hood Makeover

Project Profile :

Customer A is from chemical industry located in Malaysia


Challenges :

They owned 4 units of 30 years old malfunction ducted fume hoods. These fume hoods were unable to contain the hazardous chemicals while performing solvent extraction. These fume hoods required immediate replacement.


Mission :

  • To remove and dispose the 4 units of existing fume hoods
  • To design and install 4 units of customised ducted fume hoods according to their specific application
  • To install DOE approved duct-lines and stack for each respective fume hoods To ensure the project is executed with the highest safety standard procedures and DOSH compliance
  • To ensure we accomplish the project within the shortest time, to reduce the laboratory down time






Old Fume Hood for unique chemical handling application. It connected to water supply, compressed air, nitrogen gas and equipped with special racking system






Our team performed a thorough inspection of these 30 years old fume hoods and understand the requirement of the customer carefully before we start our makeover project.

i. Removal and disposal of old fume hoods

Duration : 2 working days

Before we start our removal work, we ensure our team members are well informed and followed pro-actively the safety standard procedures of our customer. We ensure PPE (personal protective equipment) are sufficient and performed tools box inspection to reduce any potential risks, while we execute our works.

ii. Installation of new fume hoods and ductwork

Duration : 3-4 working days

We work closely with the charge-man and facility staff of the building, to ensure the work are done on schedule. We spent one full day to install the 4 units of the newly customised fume hoods in the laboratory.

After the installation work, we proceed to reconnect the fume hood to the water supply, and drainage outlet. We also ensure the compressed air and nitrogen gas are installed correctly according to the specification. We leave the electricity and wiring work, after the installation of the duct-line and stack.

On following day, we continue installed the duct-lines and the stacks. The ductwork is done properly to ensure the joint are sealed completely, to prevent any leakages.

The installation of the stacks are perform with the maximum safety precautions. We engaged a certified sky-lift contractor. All our workers are equipped with full body safety harness and hooks, suitable to work at height. The stacks are properly welded on the rooftop, to withstand any weather conditions. The stacks are designed in accordance with the latest DOE guidelines, by a professional engineer.

iii. Compliance with DOSH and DOE approval

Duration : Submission within 30 days after installation

As a responsible supplier of fume hood, our job has not completed until we ensure the performance of this LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) system are inline with DOSH requirement and obtain DOE approval.

a. DOSH Compliance according to USECHH Regulations 2000 (Modified on February 2017 )

Perform LEV Testing by JKKP licensed IHT 2 technician.

b. DOE written approval for stack design, according to Environmental Quality Clean Air Regulations 2014
– Submission of stack design to state’s DOE by CePBFO competence person (Certified Environmental Professional in Bag Filter Operation)

* DOE approval is mandatory for Ducted Fume Hood


Output and Conclusion :

We achieved our mission by providing brand new and prefect laboratory fume hoods to our customer. We manage to replace all these malfunction 30 years old system within the time frame, with proper safety procedures and in accordance to all regulatory requirement. We provide a total, A to Z solution to customer at the reasonable price.

The customer are delighted to receive these 4 units of customised fume hoods after less than 8 working days. All related person-in-charge of our customer (safety officer, lab. manager, maintenance staff and facility manager) are satisfied with these installation work and performance of the newly install LEV system.

Most importantly, we manage to safeguard laboratory users from the hazardous chemical vapours, during their testing and experiments, every 5 days per week, 8 hours per day. They are now SAFE !

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