Microwave Digestion

Berghof Microwave Digestion, with the speedwave XPERT and the speedwave ENTRY, Berghof offers two types of microwave digestion systems. Thereby, customer needs from universities and education institutes can be satisfied, as well as customer needs from industries and laboratories. Customers benefit from a large collection of reference applications, too.

OPTICAL SENSOR. The Speedwave XPERT and the Speedwave Entry are equipped with optical sensors. Both microwave systems offer a temperature measurement. Furthermore, with the Speedwave XPERT it is possible to measure the pressure and the vessel temperature, as well. These real-time measurements build the basis for reproducible digestions. In addition, the measurement takes place contactless, avoiding the risk of contamination of the samples by the measuring process.

PTFE vessels from Berghof for Berghof – all vessels for the Berghof microwaves are produced in Germany by the Berghof Fluoroplastics Technology GmbH. Due to the high chemical resistance against acids, PTFE is the perfect material to use in digestion processes. Furthermore, PTFE is a non-stick material. Therefore, the Berghof PTFE vessels are easy to clean and the risk of contamination by residues can be limited to a minimum.

SAFETY. Working with the Speedwave microwaves guarantees a high level of safety for the user. The optical measuring processes deregulate the digestion processes automatically in case of spontaneous indicated exothermic reactions. Both microwave systems are equipped with a fume collection system, so that, if necessary, fumes can be derived safely.

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