Sensory Analysis

Since Insent launched its world-first e-Tongue (electronic ‘tongue’) taste sensor in 1993, more than 600 business customers worldwide now use this product.
  • Taste Evaluation Correlated with Human Gustatory Sensation: Using our patented technology,  customers can access digital taste information captured by our high-sensitivity and high-selectivity sensors for the five basic tastes and astringency.
  • High Data Reproducibility: High repeatability and reproducibility are achieved by automatically cleaning and checking the response of sensors after measuring each sample.
  • Initial Taste and Aftertaste: Both the first impression (initial taste) and time-dependent aftertaste can be obtained for umami, bitterness and astringency, without multivariate analysis.
  • Objective Taste Scale: An objective and universal taste intensity for a control sample is captured based on the Weber-Fechner Law using our proprietary algorithm.

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