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Erlab : Weighing Station for weighing highly hazardous chemicals powders

Weighing of highly hazardous chemical powders, there are 2 main issues to be considered :

i. To provide protection to chemist during weighing activity

ii. To provide a stable measurement for accurate results

We compared 5 types of common practices for weighing conduct in the laboratories, and conclude that filtered fume hood provided the best containment and stability for weighing application. 

Erlab’s Captair Smart Filtered Fume Hood (also called Weighing Station) has obtained the ISPE Containment Test certification.  It is proven to be suitable for weighing highly toxic or hazardous chemical powders.   Erlab’s Weighing Station can be used to provide protection to users, when they handle OEB (Occupational Exposure Band) level 3, up to level 6, in pharmaceutical industries.

Erlab’s Captair Smart Filtered Fume Hood also provide excellent stability while doing measurement. Due to smooth air flow and gentle air face velocity at around 0.4-0.6 m/s, it generates less air turbulence inside the hood.  High precision balance as sensitive as 6 decimal place, or 0.001 mg accuracy, can be used inside this filtered fume hood. 

Hence,  Erlab Weighing Station = full protection + stable weighing measurement.  These weighing station is a must have engineering control system in every laboratory that weigh hazardous chemical powders.   


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