ULT ACD Fume Extractor for Odours, Gases and Vapours


Odours, Gases and Vapours

Chemical processes produce gases, acid fumes or solvent vapours that irritate eyes and lungs. Some of them – even in small concentration – act as respiratory poisons or neurotoxins; other generate danger of explosion.

Gases and vapours are mainly accompanied by particles and aerosols. They affect the respiratory tract and can also damage machinery and products by creating firmly attached dirt layers. Therefore, legal regulations on the removal of such contaminants from the air at workplaces are strict.

Extraction and Filtration Technology Solution

ULT’s ACD type extraction and filtration technology is distinguished by individually designed capture solutions and cost-saving innovative filtration systems. Available are mobile units requiring little space, e.g. to be utilised in laboratories. In addition, ULT provides solutions that are suited for automated production facilities because of their versatility and operating reliability.

Typical fields of application

  • Glueing
  • Varnishing
  • Laminating
  • Coating
  • Laboratory activities
  • Chemical processes
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Dosing
  • Moulding

ULT ACD system offers various air flow capacity (m3/hr),  customisable solution to handle your Odours, Gases and Vapours issues

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From compact to large unit

ULT’s solutions range from mobile equipment for individual work places to automated production :

Model 1 : ACD 160
i. Max Vol. Flow – 190m3/hr
ii. Max Vacuum – 320 Pa
iii. Nominal Capacity – 80/ 1,900 (m3/hr at Pa)

Model 2 : ACD 200
i. Max Vol. Flow – 635m3/hr
ii. Max Vacuum – 3,200 Pa
iii. Nominal Capacity – 250/ 2,000 (m3/hr at Pa)

Model 3 : ACD 400
i. Max Vol. Flow – 1,000m3/hr
ii. Max Vacuum – 2,600 Pa
iii. Nominal Capacity – 400/ 2,300 (m3/hr at Pa)

Model 4 : ACD 1200
i. Max Vol. Flow – 2,100m3/hr
ii. Max Vacuum – 2,880 Pa
iii. Nominal Capacity – 800/ 2,700 (m3/hr at Pa)

ATEX design

Explosion proof fume extraction units :

Model 5 : ACD 220 Ex
i. Max Vol. Flow – 420m3/hr
ii. Max Vacuum – 1,100 Pa
iii. Nominal Capacity – 200/ 900 (m3/hr at Pa)

Model 6 : ACD 400 Ex
i. Max Vol. Flow – 900m3/hr
ii. Max Vacuum – 1,650 Pa
iii. Nominal Capacity – 400/ 1,400 (m3/hr at Pa)

Model 7 : ACD 1,200 Ex
i. Max Vol. Flow – 1,700m3/hr
ii. Max Vacuum – 2,600 Pa
iii. Nominal Capacity – 1,000/ 1,800 (m3/hr at Pa)

ULT ACD Fume Extractor & Filtration General Catalog


ULT ACD 160 Model Fume Extraction Unit (ACD_ASD_LRA_LAS) Catalog


ULT ACD 200 Model Fume Extraction Unit Catalog


ULT ACD 220 Ex_Explosion Proof Fume Extraction Unit Catalog


ULT ACD 400 Ex_Explosion Proof Fume Extraction Catalog


ULT ACD 1200 High Pressure Fume Extractor Catalog


ULT ACD 1200 Ex_Explosion proof High Pressure Fume Extraction Catalog