PP (Polypropylene) Acid Storage Cabinet, 30 Gallon / 114 L


PP (Polypropylene) Acid Cabinet is the best solution to store strong acid and corrosive substance (for example, sulphuric acid, hydro- chloric acid, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide etc.). PP cabinet body adopts high quality anti-shock blue PP board, welded as a whole with same property and colour welding bar. It will neither rust nor corrode.

▶  All cabinets are constructed of blue polypropylene for durability.

▶  Store your most corrosive chemicals with no fear of rust or corrosion of your storage cabinet.

▶  All cabinets have liquid-tight, all-welded interior to contain accidental spills. Meet OSHA requirement for secondary containment

PP cabinet Acid & Corrosive Cabinet has below features:

  1. Internationally recognised PP (polypropylene) is used to form the cab- inet by seamless welding engineering.
  2. All cabinets are liquid-tight, all-welded interior to contain accidental spills. Liquid-tight trough to contain spillage.
  3. Material thickness: 8mm and 10mm thickness PP (polypropylene) board are used.
  4. Equipped with internationally recognised leakage proof shelves, which could be detached out to be cleaned. Shelves are adjustable.
  5. Cabinet doors are marked clearly with warning label reading “CORRO- SIVE”.
  6. To improve operational safety, padlock could be used to provide extra protection. Polypropylene hinges for durability and long life.
  7. Used to store strong corrosive chemicals, such as sulphuric acid, ni- tric acid, hydrochloric acid etc. to protect cabinet users and also the cabinet itself

This Video show the PP Acid Cabinet 45 Gallon/ 170 L

Capacity (Gallon/ Liter)

30 Gallon/ 114 L

Sump Capacity (Gallon/Liter)

5 Gallon/ 19 L

Number of Doors

2 doors, Manual

Adjustable Shelves

1 shelves

External Dimension (HxWxD) mm

1120 x 1090 x 460

Internal Dimension (HxWxD) mm

1010 x 1000 x 375

Ship Weight (Kg)

100 kg

PP (Polypropylene) Acid Storage Cabinet


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