METER Aqualab Moisture Analysis Toolkit (Food Modeling Software)

Still searching for that equation?

There’s so much you can do with your water activity and isotherm data—set water activity specifications, predict shelf life, evaluate packaging. But when it comes time to actually do the calculations, you can spend hours searching in reference books and published papers for the right equations to use. It’s frustrating.

All the answers in one place

Imagine a software program that puts all the moisture calculations in one place. A program that lets you simply type in your data and get answers—quickly. One that lets you do the things you’ve always wanted to do with your data but found overwhelming. Introducing the MOISTURE ANALYSIS TOOLKIT.

One-stop shopping for moisture solutions

The toolkit is one-stop shopping for moisture calculations. It lets you calculate product shelf life, evaluate packaging, determine critical water activity for caking, clumping, and texture changes, and predict all kinds of end results, like whether or not moisture will migrate, what the final water activity of a recipe will be, or the effect of storage conditions. Having all the calculations in one place saves time and makes it easier to use your data effectively.

Just press enter for predictions

Modeling can be complex. Using the toolkit’s models is anything but. Select the model you want to use, input your equations, and let the toolkit do the calculating.

Up to every equation in the book

The toolkit started off as our own internal cheat sheet. It contains all the models we regularly use. In addition to being a quick calculator, the toolkit is a handy reference. It’s a quick way to find out how to use your data to solve the challenges you face every day.

Turn your data into solutions

The MOISTURE ANALYSIS TOOLKIT shows you where to start turning your data into solutions using research-tested predictive models. You’ll find all the models you need in one place, organized in a simple-to-use program. Explore its capabilities.

METER Aqualab Moisture Analysis Toolkit Brochure