METER Aqualab 4TEV, Benchtop Water Activity Meter

In addition to the standard dew point sensor, the Series 4TEV has a hygroscopic polymer capacitance sensor that can be used to measure the water activity of samples containing volatiles. You can switch between sensors using the instrument menu. The capacitance sensor is less accurate (± 0.015 aw) than the dew point sensor (± 0.003 aw).

For samples containing volatiles: 4TEV and AQUALAB TDL

The Series 4TEV is best for customers who occasionally need to measure samples that contain volatile ingredients in low concentrations. If the product itself is volatile (soy sauce, alcohols, flavorings, black tea) or contains a high concentration of volatiles (flavored teas, sauces and seasonings), the laser sensor in the AQUALAB TDL is a better option.


Sensor type

Chilled-mirror dewpoint; capacitance sensor; infrared temperature

Water activity

Range: 0.030–1.000 aw
Resolution: 0.0001 aw
Accuracy: ±0.003 (4TE dew point)
±0.015 (4TEV capacitance)
Repeatability: 0.001 aw


Range: 15-50 °C
Resolution: 0.01 °C
Accuracy: ±0.1 °C

Measurement time

Less than 5min

Sample cup capacity

7mL recommended (15mL full)


64 × 128 graphical

Data communications

USB A and RS-232 serial
9,600–115,000 baud

Case dimensions

Length: 26.7cm
Width: 17.8cm
Height: 12.7cm

Case material

POLYLAC PA-765 (ABS) with fire retardant



Operating temperature

4°C to 50°C

Operating environment

0 to 90% relative humidity (noncondensing)

Universal power

110V to 220 VAC
50/60 Hz


Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015
EM ISO/IEC 17050:2010 (CE Mark)

METER Aqualab 4TEV Brochure


METER Aqualab 4TEV Full Manual


METER Aqualab 4TEV Quickstart


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