Heal Force Smart Mini Water Purification Systems

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Compact new design for small volume ultra-pure water usage.

Many laboratories require ultra-pure water every day – for HPLC or for other instrumental analyses- but only as small volumes at a time, up to a total of a few liters at the most. However, this is no reason to do without professional, freshly-prepared ultra-pure water and buy expensive HPLC water. After all, with the repeated taking of small volumes from an HPLC water container, the quality of the water and the TOC-value no longer fulfill the specifications. The ultra-pure water is no longer ultra-pure!

Model: Smart Mini
Feed Water Requirement
Source Tap Water
Conductivity* <400 μs/cm
Hardness** <450ppm as CaCO3
Pressure 0.1~0.5MPa(14-72psi)
Temperature 5~40°C
Purification Water (Class III)
Ionic Rejection >95%
Bacteria Rejection >99%
Conductivity <20 μs/cm
Productivity Rate 15L/hr
Ultrapurification Water (Class I)
Resistivity at 25 C 18.2MΩ.cm
Conductivity at 25 C 0.055 μs/cm
TOC Level*** 1~5 ppb
Endotoxin (Pyrogens) NA
Particulate (0.02μm) ≤1pc/ml
Bacteria*** ≤1 cfu/ml
Rnase/Dnase** N/A
Manual dispense flow rate 1.2~1.5 L/min
Automatic dispense volume 100-60000ml
Electrical Requirements
Electrical Voltage 110V/220V±10%
Electrical Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Packing information
Net Weight
Main Units 32 kg
Water Tank N/A
External Dimensions (WxDxH)
Main Units 315 x 525 x 570 mm
Water Tank N/A
Shipping Weight
Main Units 45 kg
Water Tank N/A
Shipping Dimensions (WxDxH)
Main Units 525 x 610 x 770 mm
Water Tank N/A

Heal Force Smart Mini