Erlab Captair Bio 320 PCR Hood

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PCR handling with a high level of protection

Without an efficient contamination protection from a precious PCR work, you face the risk to be obliged to restart your entire PCR experiment, thus wasting valuable time and samples ! 

Captair Bio 320 is a 809 mm length vertical flow PCR hood, specifically designed to protect efficiently the DNA & RNA samples to be amplified against contamination by other unwanted DNAses or RNAses. Captair Bio 320 is a UV hood without HEPA filter, flexible and able to fix in any molecular laboratories. 

DNA/RNA Free Workstation : Positive airflow applied inside the enclosure through a high efficiency particulate filter

Easy to Clean : Seamless worktop iwht smooth corners made of Stainless Steel 304L

Ergonomic Design : Slanted sash provides an ergonomic working position for comfort and productivity

UV-C Decontamination : Protect your DNA or RNA samples against contamination from the previous experiment (cross contamination) through a powerful UV-C lamp 254 nm triggered by an adjustable timer (from 5 – 30 min).  The lamp switches itself off if the operator opens the sash. 

Smart & Simpler Control : SMART technology track system events and alert users about the operational performance.   Light and sound pulses provide real time indication when air fare velocity is compromised or fan failure has occurred

Connectivity : eGuard Software able to connect all the other workstations that have the same control system, to create a connected eco-system to monitor the safety in the laboratory seamlessly. 


External dimensions (L x D x H)

809 mm x 616 mm x 715 mm

Internal dimensions (L x D x H)

765 mm x 497-584 mm x 595 mm

SMART Technology

Simple, intuitive communication by light shows the status of the workstation

Filtration Type

High Efficiency Particulate Filter HEPA H14


Build in air flow anemometer
Sensor for fan failure

Front and Side Panels

UV Resistant front and side panels protection against Beta radiation

Ergonomic Design

Slanted design for comfortable and safe working position

UV Safety Switch

Easy access UV switch to turn off the lamp in case of emergency

Bactericidal UV Lamps

15 W – Wavelength 254 nm

Internal Lighting

Compact tubular fluorescent lighting – 18 Watts – 500 Lux- IP 67

Energy Ports

Located on the enclosure side panels, allow the passage of power cables/fluid pipes in the enclosure without interfering the work flow

Work Surface

High chemical and mechanical resistance 304 L Stainless Steel Worktop. Rounded corners to facilitate cleaning operations. Built in spill tray

Mobile Stand

Stand with wheels

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