Erlab 822 Smart Chemical Storage Cabinet, with drawer and sliding tray

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Erlab Captair 822 Smart Chemical Storage Cabinet is the bench type cabinet, it can be placed on top or under the laboratory bench.  822 Smart chemical storage cabinet consist of drawer and a sliding tray

Safer to Operate 

Erlab Captair 822 Smart is the small chemical storage cabinet with capacity to store up to 50 bottles of 500 ml chemical.  822 Smart adopted exclusive Erlab filter technology, that approved by  AFNOR NFX 15-211 and SEFA 9 filtration efficiency standard (classes 1 and 2).  The configurable filtering system can be adapted to filter gases, solvents, powders and particulates keeping the user, chemical and the laboratory are protected with efficiently recirculating air within the room, free from any toxic hazardous chemicals.  It achieves optimum air change per hour, to ensure the chemicals is store and segregate in a safe conditions.

Simpler to Use 

Built-in Smart Technology enables visual light and audio communication to indicate the status of the hood.  To alert you, the light will pulse, an audio pattern will indicate if : door left open, Fan Failure and Filter Breakthrough.


Place on the bench or under the bench.  Easy installation and fast relocation.

Storage Capacity (500ml/bottles)

up to 50 bottles

External dimensions (L x D x H) (mm)

654 x 554 x 758

Volume of air treated

70 m3/hr (41 cfm)


Connection to main power : 240 V – Internal circuit : 24V-DC/50-60 Hz

Enclosure Material

Doors in clear transparent chemical resistant acrylic and body in electro-galvanized steel coated with anti-acid polymer

Filtration Modules

Made of injected Polypropylene

Compliance with applicable world safety standards

AFNOR NFX 15-211:2009: France – JG/T 385-2012 : China – SEFA 9 : USA – BS 7989 : England – DIN 12 927 : Germany – EN 1822 : 1998 (HEPA & ULPA) – CE Marking

Storage options and doors type

large extractable storage compartment, with a integrated sliding tray

Filter Technology

High efficiency molecular filter for storage of liquid chemicals

Safety Alerts

Patented "Smart" Technology consisting of safety alerts by LED pulsation and coded sounds expressing possible fan failure, opened door and filter saturation

Molecular filters efficiency

<1% of the PEL-TWA of the handled chemicals released downstream the filtration system

Filter capacity

Erlab chemical listed of over 600 chemicals indicating the molecular filter capacity at 1% of the PEL-TWA of the chemicals.

Safety Alert System

Patented "Smart" technology consisting of safety alerts by LED pulsation and coded sounds to express the fan failure, door left open or filter saturation/ breakthrough

Filters Saturation detectors (option)

Molecode S for saturation detection by solvents
Molecode A for saturation detection by acids
Molecode F for saturation detection by Formaldehyde

Tests Certificates and Reports

Intertek (NFX 15-211)
Tongji University (JG/T 385-2012)
Golder Associates (ISPE OEB Containment Test)

Safety Lock

1 lock



Carbon Filters for gases and vapours

HF2 4AS : for organic vapours (acid vapours secondary)
HF2 BE+ : for organic vapours and acid vapours
HF2 F : for formaldehyde vapours
HF2 K : for ammonia vapours

HEPA filter for powders

HEPA H14 filtration efficiency : 99.995% according to MPPS method, EN1822 standard


40% filtration efficiency for particles >0.3 micron

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