Erlab 392W Smart Weighing Station

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Erlab Captair 392W Smart Weighing Station is the 3.3 ft (1005 mm) length hood designed specifically for powder containment application. 392W Smart comes with higher internal dimension of 1000 mm height, with 2 filter columns capacity. 
The Captair Smart weighing station delivers the proper airflow at the face of the enclosure and total filtration of hazardous powders or potent pharmaceutical compounds.  The enclosure is designed to allow full access to your balance and reduce airflow turbulence to maintain stability to 6 decimal places without compromising containment.  The air exhausted into the room complies with Class 5 (E.N. ISO 14 644) standards. 

OEB Tested and Report

Captair Smart also being tested according to the “Containment Measurement Testing Method” by ISPE (International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering) guidelines.  Captair Smart Weighing station achieved the containment performance target (CPT)set at 1 µg/m3.  Captair Smart Weighing Station can be used with chemical powders classified as high as OEB 5 (Occupational Exposure Band 5, the highly dangerous !) by most pharmaceutical companies.

Applications :

Pharmaceuticals. Foods, Healthcare &  Cosmetics

External dimensions (L x D x H)

1005mm x 750mm x 1332 – 1518mm

Volume of air treated

440 m3/hr (260 cfm)

Sash opening type

Wide opening with Air Foil to minimise air turbulences
The sash is also equipped with pneumatic arms


Connection to main power : 240 V – Internal circuit : 24V-DC/50-60 Hz

Enclosure Material

Clear transparent and chemical resistant acrylic panel and electro-galvanised steel coated with anti-acid polymer

Filtration Modules

Made of injected Polypropylene

Compliance with applicable world safety standards

AFNOR NFX 15-211:2009: France – JG/T 385-2012 : China – SEFA 9 : USA – BS 7989 : England – DIN 12 927 : Germany – EN 1822 : 1998 (HEPA & ULPA) – CE Marking

OEB 5 Tested

Tested according to ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) -Containment Measurement Testing Method. Results show the highest safety guaranteed below the Containment Performance Target (CPT) at 1µg/m3. Suitable for Class OEB 4 and OEB 5 application

Face velocity at sash opening

0.4 to 0.6 m/s (80-120 fpm) according to international and local standard (USECHH Reg. 2000)

Smart Software

Monitor remotely the safety functions of the Erlab Ductless Fume Hood's performance, change of settings, and events history via computer software and/or Smartphone App

Safety Alert System

Patented "Smart" technology consisting of safety alerts by LED pulsation and coded sounds to express the fan failure, insufficient face velocity or filter saturation/ breakthrough

Tests Certificates and Reports

Intertek (NFX 15-211)
Tongji University (JG/T 385-2012)
Golder Associates (ISPE OEB Containment Test)

HEPA filter for powders

HEPA H14 filtration efficiency : 99.995% according to MPPS method, EN1822 standard


40% filtration efficiency for particles >0.3 micron

Stand and base cabinet

Various options of stand with wheels, and base cabinet configures with electrical socket, water, compressed air, sink and faucet. Stability Table with graphite worktop is also available.

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