DiaTek HySafe Air Eco_UV light Air Cleaner

SKU: HySafe Air Eco

Air Sterilisation System for 50 m2 room

HySafe Air Eco UV Sterilisation Device is a portable system that can be used at different environments.  Diatek HySafe Air performs air sterilisation with UVC light, to eliminate microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, molds, yeasts and spores) spread from the air and spread to humans.   It makes 75 m3 of air per hour microbiological sterilisation.

DiaTek is the best UVC Air Sterilisation, it is packed with following features :

  • Process up to 75 m3 volume or 25-50 m2 area of air per hour
  • Equipped with 1 fan. Fan on the inlet section draws air into the device, while the fan on the outlet section blows out the sterilised air
  • Comes with 1 unit of 15 watt UVC lamps per device
  • The reflectors in the inner chamber increase the intensity of the UVC light and allow the light to condense in the middle during the passage of air through the interior
  • The carbon filters in the inlet and outlet section of the device prevent. the UVC light from going out.  The system will not harm people presented in the room, while the device sterilises the air,
  • These carbon filters prevent the entry of large particles such as dust and insects into the device
  • The device can operate in all cold, hot and humid environments
  • The device provide indication to show the UVC light is operating well – a green light is on when the system function well
  • The height is adjustable with the bracket
  • Alternatively, it can also be used as portable UV sterilisation unit by moving to different room without handling from the ceiling

Area of Application

  • Food Production, Packaging and Storage Areas
  • Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Manufacturing, Packaging and Storage Areas
  • Hygienic Production, Filling and All Firms Packaging
  • Microbiological Analysis Laboratories
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Operating Room, Intensive Care, Practice and Patient Rooms
  • Mass Public Areas, such as Workplaces, Offices, Home, School, Nursery, Cinema and Gyms
Air Volume Processed

90 CFM


1 unit of 21 Watts, 0.12A Fans

Air Process Area/Volume

50 m2

UVC Lamp

1 unit x 15 Watts/ UV-C Light

Dimension (HxDxL) cm

15 x 15 x 60 cm


2 kg


Ceiling Mounted (Bracket provided) and Stand-alone

Electrical Supply

220 V , 50 Hz

Shelf Life of UVC Lamp

Typical 9000-12,000 hours.

DiaTek HySafe Air Eco_ Air Cleaner for smaller room


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