Buchi Lyovapor™ L-300

SKU: L-300

First lab Freeze Dryer for continuous sublimation

With Infinite-Technology™ the Lyovapor™ L-300 offers continuous sublimation for the first time with two alternately working and automatically hygienically cleansed condensers at -105 °C. In addition, Infinite-Control™ allows entire process control of all relevant parameters, also via mobile devices.



Endless control anywhere, anytime of your freeze drying process due to interface, software and App.

Automated Cleaning IT

An integrated steam generator melts the ice and cleans the condenser hygienically.

End point determination

Temperature difference can be used together with optional product temperature sensors to determine the end point.

Flexible drying chambers

  • Adjustable shelf distance according to your application needs
  • Possibility to link two manifold racks together

Ergonomic handling

  • Easy reading of process parameters due to the adjustable display
  • Adaptable position of the display at the front or on the side


Upgrade to Interface Pro anytime to enable working within the advanced Lyovapor™ Software.

Dimensions without drying attachments (W x D x H)

710 x 1000 x 900 mm


272 kg

Connection voltage

220-240 VAC

Power consumption (rated)

1200 W

Power consumption (maximum)

1800 W

Condensing capacity

≥ 12 kg/24 h

Lowest condenser temperature

-105 °C

Temperature divergence

± 1.0 °C

Condenser capacity


Condenser surface area

2 x 1280 cm2

Number of compressors


Refrigerant quantity

790 g + 98 g

Drying shelf temperature

up to 60 °C

Inert gas pressure

1.1 – 1.2 bar (max. 2 bar)

Vacuum generation time to 0.1 mbar

Typically ≤ 15 min

Minimum system vacuum

Typically ≤ 30 mTorr

Vacuum control range

50 to 750 mTorr