Behr-Labor behrotest ® Twisselmann Extraction, flat-bottom flask, 4 positions

SKU: R 104 T-SK

behrotest® serial extraction device for hot extraction in accordance with Twisselmann

Extraction according to Twisselmann is a continuous hot extraction. It functions similar to Soxhlet extraction. However the temperature in the Twisselmann extractor is very hot in the sample, i.e. close to the boiling point of the solvent. This improves solubility and shortens the extraction time.

The higher extraction temperature is due to the fact that the condensed solvent flows from above and the ascending hot solvent vapor flows from below through the extraction sleeve simultaneously and mix there. The temperature of this mixture is far higher than the temperature of the condensed solvent.

Compared to Soxhlet extraction, the extraction time with Twisselmann extraction is reduced by up to 50%.

  • Power is individually adjustable for each sample position
  • Cooling water distribution ensures even cooling at all sample positions
  • Practical stand for holding condensers securely between hot extractions
  • Holders for secure fixation of extraction adapters after removal of the sample vessels

Price effective and user-friendly devices for hot extraction in accordance with Twisselmann

Twisselmann Extraction - Serial heating device with round flask (4 places)

EZT: Extractor, 100 ml, for the Twisselmann extractors

EX 100 HS: for EZ 100 (EZ 100/H), package with 25 pieces


R 104 T-SK

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