Behr-Labor behrotest ® Soxhlet Extraction, 250mL extraction, 500mL round-bottom flask, 4 positions

SKU: R 254 S

For classic fat extraction

Complete compact extraction system with basic rack, heating device, holder, hoses and glassware (reaction flasks, extractor, Dimroth condenser for extraction). Infinitely variable heating regulation After the extraction cycle, the compact system removes the solvent, by means of a discharge valve on the extractor directly into the reservoir.

Includes sample package, extraction sleeves and boiling stones.

behr equipment for Soxhlet extraction comply with the most various requirements of daily laboratory routines.

With behr hydrolysis units, acid digestion is possible before extraction (determination of total fat content according to Weibull and Stoldt).

  • Practical holders for condenser and extraction adapter for secure placement between extractions
  • Extractor sizes from 30 ml to 1000 ml
  • Condenser with screw connections
  • Complete with reaction vessels, intermediate extraction pieces and condensers
  • Energy individually adjustable for every sample position
  • Cooling water distribution strip ensures uniform cooling at sample positions
  • Extractors with specially developed siphon tubes (make: “Bröckerhoff”) guarantee consistent extraction cycles across all sample positions
  • Practical condenser ledge to safely deposit the condenser between extractions nBrackets for safely holding the intermediate extraction pieces after removing the sample container
  • S models: Extractors with taps remove the need for additional distillation after the extraction

60 ml extraction - 250 ml round bottom flask - RFK 60 cooler - Compact system (4 samples)

EZ 250: Soxhlet extractor, 250 ml

EZ 250/H: Soxhlet extractor, 250 ml, with tap

Extraction thimbles EX 250 HS: for EZ 250 (EZ 250/H), package includes 25 units


R 254 S

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Behr-Labor behrotest® Fat Extraction Catalogue


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