ArmaLAMP UVC Lamp, 15 Watt

SKU: Armalamp UVC lamp 15Watt

Capless ArmaLAMP with 15 Watt

Capless ArmaLAMP is the capless  Germicidal Ultraviolet (UVC) lamp use for surface and air sterilisation in HVAC industries. lamp types, 15 Watt.

Capless ArmaLAMP provide you flexibility to be use in following application : 

  • In Ventilation Ducts
  • In Cold Air Ducts 
  • In Hoods
  • In Escalator Parts
  • In Cold Storage 
  • In X-Ray Devices
  • In Elevators
  • In Air Handling Unit (AHU) 

Easy to integrate into any system or devices.  


Capless ArmaLAMP UVC light